Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham is a retired 33 year veteran of California Law Enforcement. During his
tenure as a police professional, he was awarded his Teaching Credential from California
State University, Long Beach. He was later graduated from University of Southern
California with a Master's Degree in Safety and Systems Management.
Subsequent to this he was graduated from Western State University with a Juris
Doctorate. He has taken this background as a street cop, supervisor and manager and
coupled it with his formal education as a risk manager and his education and experiences
as an attorney and is the Co-Founder of Lexipol – a company designed to standardize
policies, procedures and training within law enforcement agencies around America.
In 1995, Mr. Graham received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement
Training, the highest tribute available in the critical mission of training police
professionals. In 2005 he received the Presidential Award for Excellence from the IAFC
for his lifelong work in improving firefighter safety and performance. In 2008 he
received the lifetime achievement award from California POST. In 2015, Mr. Graham
received the lifetime dedication award from the International Public Safety Leadership
and Ethics Institute. In 2018 he received the James Oberstar Sentinel for Safety Award
for his lifetime work in improving aviation safety internationally.