Virtual Commission Meetings

The Agenda document below includes hyperlinks (docket numbers highlighted in blue) that enable the user to view agenda backup documents [documents pertaining to a particular matter that have been filed with the Office of the Chief Clerk (OCC)]. Updates to backup documents will be noted by a purple indicator. Finally, the Commissioners may discuss or consider posted items in an order other than the order posted. 

On March 16, 2020, in accordance with section 418.016 of the Texas Government Code, Governor Abbott suspended various provisions of the Open Meetings Act that require government officials and members of the public to be physically present at a specified meeting location. Pursuant to that suspension, the public will not be able to attend the Agenda in person but may attend telephonically or via webinar or view the meeting on the web at no cost. 

To watch the meeting:  The public may view live TCOLE meetings on the TCOLE YouTube Channel at no cost at:  

Past meetings can be viewed by the public on the TCOLE YouTube Channel at:   

If you need special accomodations, please contact for assistance.

To address the Commission at the meeting: Members of the public who would like to address the Commission on an item for which the Commission is accepting comment, must register as indicated below and access the meeting via webcast meeting invitation send by TCOLE.  Those without internet access will be provided with a toll-free phone number before the meeting begins to access the meeting telephonically.  

To register, please complete the Public Comment Card found here  PUBLIC COMMENT CARD FORM  or at the link below, or email Please complete this Public Comment Card Form or provide the following information: 1. Agenda item number; 2. Name; 3. Affiliation; 4. Address; 5. Phone number; 6. whom you represent (self or company/client); and 7. whether you wish to address the Commission, are available for questions from the Commission, or would like to be noted as present for the record.  


Registration for public comment will conclude at 8:45 a.m. Please register before this time. Late registration could result in your missing the opportunity to comment on your item.