TCOLE Conference 2021 - Cancelled

To all our training providers and other conference attendees,

Despite our optimism when we postponed the 2020 TCOLE Conference to 2021 that we would be able to host the conference this year, the continued development of COVID-19 around the world and the seriousness of the new variants, at this point in the year, makes it impossible to have a safe and responsible in-person event.

Because of this, TCOLE made the difficult decision to, once again, postpone the conference until 2022.

Aside from outstanding training programs, the TCOLE Conference is known for providing the opportunity to connect with current and past colleagues, to network, and to establish or strengthen relationships with vendors – all of which our attendees enjoy doing in person.

We would rather postpone the conference until the following year, giving the public health situation more time to improve, so that we can bring you the quality training programs, networking opportunities, and vendors you deserve – in person.