Technical Assistance Bulletins

Name Download Description Revision Date
Retired TCOLE Licensees Get Document Information useful to retired or retiring licensees. October, 2019
Training Mandates Get Document Complete listing of legislatively mandated training for all licensees September, 2019
Training Exemptions for Certain State Peace Officers Get Document Description of training exemptions for certain State peace officers September, 2019
Temporary Jailer Changes from the 86th Legislature Get Document Review of statutory changes to Temporary Jailer Licensing/Training September, 2019
School Based Law Enforcement Training Get Document Information on mandatory training requirements for SRO's and ISD PD officers. August, 2019
Constable's and Police Chief's Exemption from Certain Training Get Document Information on Constable's and Police Chief's Training Exemptions August, 2019
Temporary Licenses Get Document Information on appointing Temporary Licensees August, 2019
40 hr Crisis Intervention Training Course Get Document Information on the 1850 40hr Crisis Intervention Training Course August, 2019
Proficiency Certificates Get Document Information on Obtaining Proficiency Certificates. August, 2019
Becoming a Texas Licensee Get Document Basic instructions for individuals on becoming a TCOLE licensee. August, 2019
Requests for Waiver Get Document Requests for Waiver of Continuing Education, Firearms Qualifications, and Eligibility Extension August, 2019
A5 Student Separation From a Basic Licensing Course Get Document Instructions on use of the A5 Form August, 2019
Instructor Proficiency Certificates Get Document Obtaining an Instructor Proficiency Certification June, 2019
Changes to Agency Heads Get Document How to report the change of an agency head June, 2019
License Expansion Get Document Information fro an agency adding a license for an existing licensee June, 2019
Appointing a Licensee Get Document Basic information on appointing a licensee to an agency April, 2019
Licensing Eligibility Based on Military Discharge Get Document Information on eligibility for Commission license based on military discharge April, 2019
High School Public Safety Endorsement Get Document Information on applying credit for the High School Public Safety Endorsement March, 2019
Non-Compliance Get Document Information for licensees on failure to complete legislatively mandated training. March, 2019
Courtroom Security Get Document Information on the Courtroom Security Certifications March, 2019
What is a Mandate 01.23.19 Get Document Information on the various ways that the Legislature may mandate a training course January, 2019
Basic Licensing Course Implementation Get Document Information implementing a newly released basic licensing course January, 2019
Reporting TCOLE Training 12.20.18 Get Document Basic instructions for agencies and individuals wishing to report training to TCOLE. December, 2018