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New Training Coordinator Course

The NTCC is a 6-hr. training session specifically developed for training coordinators, instructors and background investigators who currently work at an agency with a TCOLE training contract.  This FREE course will be held on 7/10/24 at the Temple Police Department located at 209 East Avenue “A” in Temple, Texas.

To register, CLICK HERE

New Course Alert!

The Legislative Update 3188 course is currently available for public comment.

New Course Alert!

"Finding Wellness - Building a Healthier Life" is open for public comment.  Please send feedback on the course by August 14, 2023.  This course is legislatively mandated for the 2023-2025 training unit.

Advisory Committee Applications

TCOLE is seeking applications for the advisory committees established under our Sunset legislation. The application can be found under Forms and Applications, entitled "Advisory Committee Application."

New Online Course!

TCOLE now offers the IDD course online.  Log into your MyTCOLE account and navigate to Online Training to begin.