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Background Confirmation and TCOLE Secure Share

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement has been tasked by the 87th Legislature (Senate Bill 24 (87R) to develop and implement an electronic process so agencies can share licensees’ employment files for background investigation purposes. This must be done via the TCOLE Secure Share (TSS) and will be available for use starting on March 1, 2022, as required by statute. Login to TSS

SB 24

A Law Enforcement agency representative who is currently working on the preemployment background phase of an appointment with plans to appoint a licensee on or after January 1 must submit the Background Confirmation Form (BCF).


Please ensure your agency is always using the most recent copy of the form as it may periodically change.  A copy of the BCF should be retained by the hiring agency along with the F-5R in the appointee’s TCOLE file.  A copy must also be provided to TCOLE via email at, regardless of the method used to review employee files for background investigations. 

The chief administrator or designee of each appointing agency is required to contact every one of the prior appointing agencies. An in-person review of personnel files may be conducted, but ONLY if both agencies agree to it. If the hiring agency requests employment documents via the TSS, the responding agency must provide the documents through the TSS system.     

All requested documents must be uploaded to the system within 10 calendar days from the date of request.  Once documents have been uploaded, the requesting agency rep will have 14 calendar days to view them.   After the agency’s designated TSS user has opened the file, the documents will only be viewable for 72 hours.    

PLEASE NOTE: The statute holds the chief administrator ultimately responsible for complying with both ends of this process.  Failure to do so, can result in his or her license suspension.  


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