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Training File Checklist

Checklist of items to maintain on file  (Minimum Training File Components)

One of the most important aspects of the training coordinator’s job is to gather, organize and secure sufficient, competent documentation that proves a training course was taught in accordance with Commission guidelines.  Obviously, the thickness of a training file will vary in accordance with the length and complexity of the course.  However, at minimum, every training file should contain the following essential components:

  • Original copy of legibly written sign-in roster with PID numbers.  Avoid liquid paper, erasures and strike-overs at all costs.  Corrections should be made on a separate line.  If using electronic (digital) files, this may be a scanned copy of the original sign-in roster.
  • Copy of official ‘Approved’ roster obtained electronically through TCLEDDS.  Take time to double-check and match names and PID numbers.  A copy of the initially submitted ‘Pending’ roster is optional and encouraged, but not required. 
  • A list of clearly defined and spelled out learning objectives.  Preferably, the learning objectives should be listed in the same order that they will be covered during instruction.
  • A concise, up to date, easy to follow lesson plan.  A “dressed-up” course outline or PowerPoint does NOT fulfill this requirement.
  • Complete, up to date instructor bio-sketch which delineates the instructor’s field of expertise as well as his or her knowledge of the subject matter being taught.
  • Course assessment instruments to demonstrate what was learned – including but not limited to written or oral exams, practical test checklists, scenario evaluation checklists, and observations and student critiques.
  • Course/instructor evaluation – showing student feedback on the course, instructor and any materials.

The document formats listed below are not required by the Commission.  They are provided only as samples and may be modified to suit the needs of individual agencies, as long as all other requirements of Rules and Stature are followed.

Samples and Resources