Training Requirements

Training Mandates - printable version

There are two 24-month periods in the current training cycle which ends on August 31, 2021. The first 24-month period, or unit, begins on 09/01/2017 and ends on 08/31/2019. The second 24-month period, or unit, begins on 09/01/2019 and ends on 08/31/2021, which is also the conclusion date of the 48-month training cycle.

REMINDER: An individual not appointed with an agency will have to receive training from an academy or contract training provider.  Training completed outside of those resources will not be able to be reported for credit to the individual’s record.  Please check with the training facility prior to completing the course to ensure proper credit can and will be obtained.

Please see the printable version above for all mandates.



Regional Field Service Agents