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Transparency in Government

Commission Philosophy

It is our philosophy that the Commission, as steward of Texas monies and programs, provide the most cost efficient level of services and expenditures possible to meet the needs of the citizens of Texas.

Legislative Appropriations Request

We submit a legislative appropriations request a little over 1 year prior to the legislative biennium and if you would like to know more about that process, please visit the Legislative budget Board's web site or The Texas Governor's Web Site. The request presents to the legislature our expected costs and an estimate of revenue collections supporting our programs that will be available in the upcoming biennium.

For additional support with the Commission's expenditure data, you may contact our public information officer.

Operating Budget and Cash Flow Analysis Reports

Our operating budget provides a basic view of how we plan to spend your money and the Monthly Cash Flow and Analysis Reports provide a timeline of what is spent during the fiscal year.

Detecting and Reporting Allegations of Fraud 

Visit the State Auditor's Office (SAO) website at Texas State Auditor's Office - Report Fraud to report the potential misuse or misappropriation of state resources. Texas Government Code, Section 321.022, directs state entities to report to the SAO instances involving:

  • Lost, misappropriated, or misused funds received from the State; or,
  • Other fraudulent or unlawful conduct involving the entity’s operations.