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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How do I get my course “TCOLE certified” or “TCOLE approved”?

    A: The only truly "TCOLE certified" or "TCOLE approved" courses are those developed by the Commission as a result of legislation. If you want to ensure a course is eligible for training hours, the first step is to look at the current course number catalog to see if there is an already existing course number that matches the course. With the exception of legislatively mandated courses, or proprietary courses that list a specific entity’s name, training may be reported under the most appropriate existing course number. 


  2. How can I get my course approved with a TCOLE course reporting number?

    A: We currently do not approve curriculum for a TCOLE course number.  Course reporting numbers are requested through Education Services at but if there is an already existing number that fits, we suggest using it.


  3. How can I become a licensee in Texas?

    A: The first step is to visit the TCOLE website and look for a training academy in your area. The contact information for each academy is posted on the website.  Please reach out to them to find out information about enrollment and minimum standards.


  4. How do I order a photo ID?

    A: Please log in to your MyTCOLE 3.0 account and click the Store button to find purchasable options. You can also print a temporary ID from the Printables section of your My Information page.


  5. How long does it take to approve a pending L-1?

    A: The Credentialing Division has up to 10 days to approve an L-1.


  6. How do I complete the mandated ALERRT training if I am not appointed?

    A: Individuals who are not currently appointed but maintaining their TCOLE license must attend a class through a TCOLE contractual training provider or training academy. Training providers contracted through TCOLE can report training for all licensees.


  7. What is the timeframe for contractual training providers to report training?

    A: Contractual training providers have up to 30 days to report training.


  8. Can I self-report training if I’m not appointed?

    A: Individuals who are not currently appointed are unable to self-report training completed. To ensure you receive credit for training, you must complete training with a contractual training provider.


  9. My department is not a contractual training provider, what type of training can we report?

    A: A department can report courses under general course reporting numbers for their licensees. A department cannot report training for licensees not in their department.


  10. My department is hosting a training for other departments, and we are not a contractual training provider. How do we report the training for the attendees outside our department?

    A: Please refer to TCOLE Rule §218.1(b) on the requirements needed for reporting.


  11. How do I report my college transcript?

    A: If you are currently working for a department, please submit transcripts to your department and they will review and submit to TCOLE.

    If you are not currently working for a department, please mail the college request form (F-7 found on the TCOLE website), official transcripts, and the $35.00 fee to TCOLE.


  12. When does the new F-5 process start?

    A: As of March 1, 2024, the F-5 will no longer have the discharge designations.  If a licensee is separated on or before February 29, 2024, the designations are still required.


  13. What is needed in order to complete Cardiac Emergency Communication on MyTCOLE 3.0?

    A: Students must have course #3845 (CPR) on their PSR to enroll in the online course.  The CPR certification is valid for two years and must be submitted for TCOLE credit within a year of completion.  CPR must be taken every two years to enroll in the mandated online course.


For additional questions regarding becoming a licensee, forms and applications, or reporting training, please contact

For additional questions regarding curriculum or course numbers, please contact