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Texas Law Enforcement Peer Network

The Texas Law Enforcement Peer Network (TLEPN) is a state-wide program designed to give every Texas law enforcement[1] officer access to a specially trained peer to address stressors, trauma, fatigue, and other needs to combat workforce burnout and end Police suicide and self-harm.  The network will train and mentor police officer volunteers to assist their fellow officers manage stressors both on and off the job. 

Cops helping cops Each volunteer for the Peer Network will receive subject matter expert designed and TCOLE approved training to assist their peers in handling the day-to-day stress and trauma associated with life as a police officer.

The app The uniquely designed software application can be confidentially downloaded onto smartphones and allow both peers and those needing assistance an immediate direct connection to begin communication, as well as a link to appropriate resources.

Completely anonymous The officers will be provided a safe as well as anonymous environment to share their experiences, needs, and concerns without fear of negative consequences.  Anonymity and confidentially is assured.  The legislation prohibits any information being shared and/or being used as action against a licensee.  

Independent of any single department The TLEPN is operated by the Caruth Police Institute at UNT Dallas and is not in the reporting structure for any police department or operated by a state agency.

Access It is recommended that all officers download the app before it is ever needed.  To download, scan the QR code below.  The access code can be found by going to your MyTCOLE 3.0 Account.

Contact- For additional information please reach out to The TLEPN team by: 


Phone:              (972)-338-1314  (Informational line)


Facebook:        Texas Law Enforcement Peer Network

[1] A “Law enforcement officer" means a person identified as a peace officer under Article 2.12(1), (2), (3), or

(4), Code of Criminal Procedure.